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    RedAdHoc creates a Network or Virtual Router (RedAdHoc) in Windows 8 and Windows 7.

    RedAdHoc creates a Network or Virtual Router (RedAdHoc) in Windows 8 and Windows 7.This App turns you into a Virtual Wi-Fi Router with which you can share your Internet connection with other PCs, whether the OS is the same or different from what you use (example:. W8 to W7, W8 to WXP, etc), you can also use the LAN connection to transfer files, play via LAN with other computers, run remote connections. Keep in mind that the creation of this virtual network is necessary for the team holds a Wireless Adapter. Also if you count with any mobile device with Wi-Fi, such as:. Smartphone, Tablet, etc; You can also connect to the Internet through the created Virtual Network. If you want to view the detailed information of your Wi-Fi adapter this program helps you obtain and export it to a file, also if you are a bit advanced and want to set more, you can rename the connection name and choose from a manual IP or automatically and enter the IP address you want to use. You can restore all settings to their initial state with one click. This program is very easy to use, you must enter a name (SSID) and Password (KEY) to the Virtual Network, then choose the modem of what you share online, and if you want to manually configure ICS is giving you the ease of doing so quickly as possible, you can also connect to the network from Windows or you launch the application to run at any time. After starting the network allows you to view all the information in this connection.

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